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Air France Food Eco ConceptAir France Food Eco Concept

Air France Food Eco Concept

Food Serving Concept / Product Design Concept


Air France initiated a design competion for (one or two) students. The assignment was to redesign tray, plate, cutlery, container, eccetera; everything around airplane-food. My colleague Jakob Hohmann and me handed in a concept based on fingerfood. Tray, plate and glass becoming a unity in the business class. A lunchbox is getting served in the economy class. This lunchbox fit exactly into a slot from the onboard serving trolley inside the Air France planes and can be (pre-)assembled on the ground. Because this lunchbox serves as the the main protection for the food, the food can be packed with little to no packaging. Another feature is the lid. The lid of this lunchbox can be used as a usual tray (f.e. during short haul flights). The jury liked our concept for the economy class very much. They asked us to continue developing this concept and present it during the final round of this design competition. So, our project was selected for the final round with ten participants; presenting our design at the Air France Headquarter in Paris, France.

Air France Food Eco ConceptAir France Food Eco Concept